Compusult – EDR

Protect your endpoints with industry-leading AI-based anti-virus

Cyberthreats have become increasingly complex and sophisticated and they are getting harder to detect and counteract. This is especially true, if your corporate devices operate outside the boundaries of your physical IT network. Firewalls and other network-based cybersecurity solutions can repel many of these new threats, but endpoint devices like laptops and tablets on other networks require much stronger security solutions. Protecting your data and enterprise IT network from these threats requires a next-generation Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution.

We have partnered with SentinelOne, one of the leading EDR companies in the industry, to give our customers endpoint security that detects and responds to even the most sophisticated cyberthreats in real time. Our team will implement and manage SentinelOne’s EDR solutions across your IT infrastructure and keep you protected from ransomware, zero-day attacks, and other evolving threats.

With Compusult’s EDR services, your team can work freely from anywhere on any device knowing that next-generation, AI-based anti-virus software and other cybersecurity solutions are keeping your IT network secure at all times

Compusult’s EDR service gives you :

  • Managed endpoint protection - Our team manages and monitors your endpoint IT 24/7/365 and we use an array of AI-powered security solutions to protect you from ever-evolving online threats
  • Active detection and response - Our EDR solutions detect and respond to threats in real time before they can cause serious damage to your systems
  • Robust cloud security - By using the most advanced measures to secure your cloud solutions, we’ll keep your operations safe across multiple platforms
  • Advanced threat hunting - Instead of waiting for new threats to penetrate your networks, our team will actively search for them, and use the latest best practices to effectively counteract them before they have a chance to strike

Work with confidence, knowing that your endpoint security is in the best hands.