A La Carte Services

Mix and match services for your business

The team at Compusult Pty Ltd are not only IT experts, but we possess a great deal of business expertise and acumen too. We understand how small and medium-sized businesses operate and we understand that you have a right to pick and choose the services that are right for YOUR company and YOUR industry.

That’s why we’ve developed our A La Carte Service offerings which give you that option. After all, why would you pay for services you don’t use or miss out on ones you do want because of an inflexible pre-packaged plan?

Choose from services including Managed Backup, Managed AntiVirus Solutions, Managed Security, Virtual CIO Services, various Cloud Services and Web Design and Hosting Services - and more! Choose what you want, when you want and our team will deliver it to you in one handy tailor-made package.

Discover how Compusult can help you maximize the value of your IT.