Compusult Connect NBN

Sick and tired of slow Internet connections that slow you down instead of pushing you forward? Don’t stress just yet, for Compusult is here to offer you the fast and secure Internet access you want, need and deserve. Allow us to introduce Compusult Connect, our innovative Internet solution that gives you ultra-fast connection and access, topped with seamless, responsive support right here in Shepparton. Never again need you struggle with sluggish speeds, unresponsive pages or critical data downloads that seem to take forever - instead, Compusuit Connect frees you up to do your best work by giving you world-class access to the Internet and the outside world.

NBN Application Authorisation

Authorisation for Compusult Connect to submit a provisioning application on behalf of the respondee.

  • Applicant Details

  • Application company name (if applicable)
  • For application correspondence only. Accounting and usage notifications will be configured post installation.
  • Setup Information

  • Standard account & service provisioning fee.
  • Service Information

  • Note: Fixed wireless NBN speeds are limited to 12/1 and 25/5 plans as marked.
  • Note: Charges of $0.015 / Mb apply for usage above the select plan.
  • Price: $ 0.00
    Standard 12 month contract applies.
  • Price: $ 0.00
    Please note: This is the service provisioning cost only and does not include network configuration. This figure comprises the First Month in advance and initial Setup Fee.
  • Please provide any special information required for your application.

By submitting this form you are acknowledging that you wish to proceed with the Compusult Application process and agree to the associated costs and Acceptable Use Policy.