Brokerhouse has been utilising the services of Compusult for two and a half years now having previously dealt with Local and Melbourne based computer monitoring companies An issue Brokerhouse had always had was down time created from the existing system we had in place and downtime was a real cost to the business as well as the repair bill. Since transferring to Compusult, and them recommending a complete overhaul and update of our system, downtime has been minimal and due mainly to errors on our behalf. The Compusult team are always on hand for any issues whether they need to be fixed remotely or on site and we certainly feel that our system Is now as secure as it can possibly be in order to protect our business.

Compusult have taken away the need for us to worry about our system and who Is trying to attack it.

Andrew Westblade and Paul Mazzella
Brokerhouse Pty Ltd